Wet Field Policy

Updated Thursday April 7, 2016 by Barrington Little League.

Please familiarize yourself with the Wet Field Policy below that was established by the Barrington Parks and Recreation Department.  Note that the Town may choose to close all playing fields whenever it deems conditions warrant it, such as right now.  In addition, our Board may decide to close some or all fields due to weather conditions.  In either case, you'll know which fields are closed because your games/practices will be canceled on the website, triggering automated notifications to parents.

However, even when fields are open, managers must evaluate the field conditions and determine whether or not to play.  Here's a note from our fields director about how to manage a wet field:

  • If puddles are large or deep, use puddle sponges or a puddle pump (5 gallon bucket or grain shovel) to remove excess water.
  • When only a very shallow wet area remains, use a drying agent like Speedi-Dri (we stock bags at Chianese and Sherwood fields) and rake grooves in the dirt to help the water evaporate.
  • Whatever you do, NEVER use brooms to sweep excess water off an infield. Do not push, pull, rake, sweep, squeegee or broom puddles into the grass. This pushes out more soil, resulting in an even deeper depression for water to stand in. It also builds up the lips where the dirt meets the grass creating a bigger water dam.
  • After using a field for a game or practice, rake it smooth, particularly around the bases and home plate.  This will help prevent puddling the next time it rains.

If you have any questions, please contact me or John Huard, fields@barringtonlittleleague.org.


The purpose of this policy is to guide the use of the Town of Barrington’s athletic fields during periods when the fields are wet, in an effort to prevent damage to the playing surface, and thus, injuries and costly repairs. Playing on the fields when the turf is wet can cause soil compaction, root zone damage and turf destruction. To prevent unsafe conditions, unusable fields, and sustain predictable maintenance costs, the Barrington Park & Recreation Commission has established the following policy: 
Leagues shall evaluate field conditions before and during practice and/or games, and cancel or postpone play if field conditions are such that due to the  wetness of the field, use of the field will result in damage to the turf, or present a hazard to the players (such as lightning). It is the league’s decision whether they can play on a field or not, but if damage results from playing on a wet field, leagues will be charged for the repair of the damage that their members cause. 

Damage will be assessed by the Barrington DPW subsequent to play with the responsible party being whoever was scheduled for the field according to the Park & Recreation field schedule that is established at the beginning of the spring and fall seasons. Repair costs will include manpower above the normal maintenance allowance for that field. Repairs can include slice seeding, siding, or the closure of the field for however long it takes for the field to recover. In the case of field closure, the Barrington Park & Recreation Department is under no obligation to provide a substitute field, and the league will have to adjust its schedule accordingly. 

The Barrington Recreation Director, Barrington DPW employees, Barrington School Department employees, or members of the Barrington Recreation Commission shall have the right to shut down a field due to inclement weather, and ask the team(s) to vacate the field if, in their estimation, weather conditions will result in a damaged field. 

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