Concession Stand Procedures

Updated Monday April 13, 2015 by Barrington Little League.

The concessions coordinator is Jackie Burns.  If you have any questions or suggestions, or if problems arise during a game, please contact her by phone at (401) 474-7093 or by email at


  1. One person can handle the concession stand. It’s always better if two people can sign up just to have some back up if anything comes up, but having one person handling it is certainly sufficient.     It’s more important to have at least one person signed up for each game.
  2. Everyone volunteering must complete the volunteer registration for BLL.
  3. Either of the team managers have keys and you can ask them for the keys and can open up the concession stand and the bathroom at the beginning of the game. You should check the concession stand door before you get the key from the manager-they may have already left it unlocked for you. Please call or text me if there are any problems or you have any questions during the game. My cell number is (401) 474-7093.
  4. If you have signed up to volunteer and cannot make it, please call me and let me know as soon as possible.
  5. I’ll have the menu posted at both stands (and will bring it to the field for any place other than Sherwood or Chianese, and we are basically going to have most items $1.00 (if a new item is not on the menu then assume it’s $1.00. We may be having strip (bakery) pizza at some games as well and this will also be $1.00.
  6.  I will be leaving a cash envelope with small bills in it to make change at the stand for the beginning of each game.
  7. I will post new instructions as needed at the concession stands during the season.
  8. At this point, all the snacks mostly prepackaged (with the exception of popcorn-see below). I’ve got some cardboard boxes with covers. You can put out a box cover with one of each so the kids can see what’s available. The stock of items will be stored behind and under the counter.
  9. Popcorn maker. This is our newest BLL acquisition. Instructions are as follows: position the small popcorn kettle on the hooks at the top of the popcorn maker with the handle facing out toward the door-the knobs on the kettle should be hooked onto the hooks; then plug the kettle into the outlet on the top of the inside of the machine (and also make sure the machine plug is plugged into the wall); make sure the plastic pan (square-shaped) is in the bottom of the popcorn maker; there is an oil spoon (1 tablespoon) and a popcorn kernel cup (1/3 cup); measure out the oil and put it into the kettle and measure the popcorn kernels and put them in the kettle; turn on the on button on the top of the machine, close the door, and let it pop until you count 3 or 4 without any popping a couple of times (a little smoke coming out of the machine while corn is popping is normal); turn the machine off, empty out the kettle by turning the knob and turning the kettle upside down; repeat adding oil and popcorn kernels to make more batches (it doesn’t make much each batch so you’ll probably need to make at least a few); there is a scoop to remove the popcorn and put it into bags; you can empty the popcorn into gallon freezer bags and then add salt and butter flavoring and shake in the bag; use the scoop to put the popcorn into individual popcorn bags. Please wipe down the machine and kettle with damp cloth/paper towel at the end of the game (do not immerse the kettle in water) and wash out the plastic pan and the measuring spoon and cup and scoop and put them back in the machine.
  10. We have a coffee maker at Sherwood field. The black carafes/thermoses hold the coffee and the hot water for decaffeinated coffee and hot chocolate. The only trick to filling the carafe is that when you first go to put the cover on, line up the dash on the cover with that on the body of the carafe (have to look carefully)-that way the opening to pour will line up correctly once the cover is fully screwed on. You can make the hot water by doing an empty brew in the coffee maker and fill up the carafe with the hot water before making the coffee.
  11. I’ll have some paper cups or bowls there so we can fill them with sugar packets, Sweet and Low packets and stirrers. There will also be a bottle of powdered creamer or small creamers.
  12. Coffee-Use your judgment on whether it’s worth making a pot-Surprisingly, it isn’t a big seller. You can always wait until someone orders it to make some. Everything will be there for the making-it’s 3 scoops for a 12 cup pot (we have 1/8 c. scoops). For the decaf, there are individual Folgers packets-you can just empty them into a cup and fill with hot water…same thing with the hot chocolate packets. There are cups and covers for the hot drinks.
  13. There will be a kitchen wastebasket and bags. There should also be a rock in each of the baskets to weight them down. You can leave the rock in there and then put in a new bag and leave this outside the stand for patrons to use. Just take the bag out and tie it and leave it in the stand after the game.   Also, there are recyclable bins which you can put out as well. Just take them into the stand at the end of the game.
  14. We have a sign at Chianese to let everyone know the stand is open. It will be left in the concession stand. You can put this out behind the backstop behind home plate before the game (hang it on or lean it against the fence) .
  15. Please rinse out the carafe at the end of the game and clean the coffeemaker. Also please wipe down the popcorns maker walls and doors, wash out the plastic popcorn pan in the maker and wipe down, but don’t immerse, the kettle.
  16. Also, please put away the sugar packets and store all the snacks in the boxes.
  17. I’ll pick up the cash envelope after the end of the game.  You can leave it in the stand and have the mangers lock up the stand.
  18. There should be hand sanitizer and bug spray in the stand to put out for people to use.
  19. Also, either write me a note  (there should be a pad and pen in the stand) call or e-mail me to let me know if we’re running low on anything, if something was selling really well on a particular night, if there were particular problems, or if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns….. and last, but certainly not least…


Thank you and Happy Volunteering!

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