Coaching Clinic Recap / Equipment Pickup

Updated Wednesday March 27, 2013 by Barrington Little League.

We had a very strong turnout of approximately 50 coaches at Sunday's coaching clinic, spanning all the divisions from T-Ball to Juniors baseball and softball.  Thanks to all the coaches who took the time from their busy schedules to attend - BLL appreciates your commitment to providing the best possible instruction for your teams.  Also, a special thanks to Tom Tanous, NY Mets Director of Scouting, and Ralph Caruso, Varsity Baseball Coach at BHS, for their ongoing support of BLL.  

After the clinic, coaches were able to pick up their team equipment bags at the Peck Center below the library.  For those who were not able to attend, Brian Goodridge will be available to hand out equipment bags this Thursday from 5-6pm, again at the Peck Center.

Of special note, Ralph mentioned his plan to create an Adopt-A-Team program where some of his high school players will pair up with a team in the league to provide on-field assistance and to help promote baseball within town.  Stay tuned for more information about this.

During the clinic, Tom went over throwing, fielding, pitching and hitting fundamentals.  A brief recap of what he covered follows.  For those unable to attend or those who may not remember all the things Tom talked about, please feel free to contact me to go over any of this information or to request a hands-on presence at one of your practices.

Bob Zeleznik

Coaching Coordinator


Practice plan / teaching 

*****    Have a plan a schedule that you stick to.  Each practice a player at these ages should learn at least 1 thing they did not know prior to practice.  Keep building on those steps.  Each practice should touch every phase of the game.  Pitching, hitting, fielding, base running, situations,

*****    Recruit parents to help run drills

*****    Break down each part of the game slowly step by step  ( sending kids out and hitting ground balls not the best idea until you have broken it down slowly  Don't assume anything

*****    Be creative,  the worst practice is having 1 kid hit and 9 in the field,  use parents to go to open areas and work on drills while a few players hit.  All fields have spaces outside the fences you can utilize.

*****   Suggestion,  end each practice with a contest,  ground ball contest, fly ball contest, base running.  They are getting reps and having fun at same time. 


  Grip / arm action, circular in two parts ball above head /  body online ( 8 eyes ) /  use of lower half rotation of back foot

Drills /  One knee fingers on top

 How the glove works.  How to play catch ( everything in center of body, move your feet )  


     ground balls and fly balls   ( glove in front, don't field balls close to legs,  bend at knees not at waist, see both ball and glove, get to outer half of ball, weight on balls of feet,  ready position dont lock out, feet must be even at start. How to pick up a dead ball,  Fly balls ( walk into pop ups,  turn hips and run, back pedal 2 steps only )   

Drills        * left, right left drill, walk into ground ball ) Finish ALL plays with footwork to 1b...
               * short hop drill ( funnel ball to belt ) 
                *Back hand drill, walk and stop ball with right foot ( if right handed )

              *  Underhand flips, stiff wrist foot leads throw follow throw then back to spot.

               * Ball out of glove drill ( players line up near fence work on getting ball out of glove

               Pop ups  players never have glove directly over head 

 Drills                    partner and flip ball to partner, players walk into ball
                             hip drill,, stand in front of player tell them what side ball is going to be have them turn hips and go
                             Wide receiver drill,  catch one hand


Grip / stance/ basketball start /  stride / rotation / bat path / head/ where we hit balls inside/middle/outside.  

Drills                *  T - work  ( looking for hands inside ball,  still head,  direct path to ball,  load back before forward
                        *  Soft toss,,,, how to throw it,  allow player to load. 
                        *  front toss with screen


5 steps.   Start, pivot, balance, break & Land, finish.  

Drills                *  flat ground drill, ( get to all the steps WITHOUT A BALL ), use a line on the field to make sure pitchers are stepping in a direct line.
                        * Hat drill, throw to partners with hat on ground ( whole team ) 
                        * Batters box drill


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