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For website issues:   info-officer@barringtonlittleleague.org

For registration issues:   info-officer@barringtonlittleleague.org

For baseball issues:  director-baseball@barringtonlittleleague.org

For softball issues:   director-softball@barringtonlittleleague.org

For player issues:   player-agent@barringtonlittleleague.org

For sponsor issues:   sponsorship@barringtonlittleleague.org

For general board issues:   board@barringtonlittleleague.org


The Board of Directors is elected at the League's September Annual Meeting.

All registered volunteers are eligible to vote for the Board or be nominated for a position on the Board.  A registered volunteer is anyone who has registered on our website as a "Coach".  Note: registering as a coach is free and does not obligate the registrant to actually be a Coach.

Registering as a volunteer/Coach enables the League to perform a background check to help safeguard our children. Completing an application does not bind you to any specific responsibilities, but enables you to participate in various capacities (e.g., coach or manager) if you wish.

If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting you are still able to vote by contacting the President or Secretary prior to the meeting and submitting a written ballot.  You may also indicate that you are willing to serve on the Board in case you are nominated in absentia.

The Board operates under two documents which describe its Constitution and By-Laws.





October Minutes

November Minutes

December Minutes (No meeting - no quorum)

January Minutes

Februrary Minutes

March Minutes

April Minutes

May Minutes

June Minutes

July Minutes

August Minutes (No meeting - no quorum)

September Minutes

October Minutes

November Minutes

December Minutes

January Minutes

February Minutes

March Minutes

April Minutes

May Minutes

June Minutes

July Minutes

August - No Meeting (no quorum)

September Minutes

October 2014 Minutes

November 2014 Minutes

December 2014 Minutes

January 2015 Minutes

February 2015 Minutes

March 2015 Minutes

April 2015 Minutes

May 2015 Minutes

June 2015 Minutes

July 2015 Minutes

August 2015 Minutes

September 2015 - No Meeting (no quorum)



President:  Fletcher Thomson       president@barringtonlittleleague.org

Vice President: Aaron Aguiar        vice-president@barringtonlittleleague.orgfields@barringtonlittleleague.org

Secretary: Erik Lawson                  secretary@barringtonlittleleague.org

Treasurer: Luke Almeida                treasurer@barringtonlittleleague.org

Player Agent: Mike Fontaine          player-agent@barringtonlittleleague.org

Safety Officer: Jennifer Davis        safety-officer@barringtonlittleleague.org

Coaching Coordinator: Todd Aldrich coaching@barringtonlittleleague.org

League Information Officer: Maraidh Thomson    info-officer@barringtonlittleleague.org

Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager: Paul Montour                  sponsorship@barringtonlittleleague.org

Concession Manager: Leanne Berlinsky            concessions@barringtonlittleleague.org

Equipment Manager: Chris Abadi                     equip-manager@barringtonlittleleague.org

Uniform Manager: Gary Terrell                                       uniforms@barringtonlittleleague.org

Opening Day: Jennifer Davis                            openingday@barringtonlittleleague.org

Baseball Division Directors:

       T-Ball: Michelle Aguiar               director-tball@barringtonlittleleague.org

       Single A:





Softball Divison Directors:

       Softball Majors: Steve Adamek                 softball-majors@barringtonlittleleague.org  

       Softball Minors: Michelle Aguiar                softball-minors@barringtonlittleleague.org 

Dave Caldarella              dave@barringtonlittleleague.org

NOTE: for the 2013 season, the Board has received a waiver from Little League International to allow the number of coaches on the Board to exceed a minority of the number of Board members.

2013 LL Waiver of Manager-Coach representation on the Board shall not exceed a minority.pdf
BLL By-Laws February 3, 2015.pdf

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